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Hi!  My name is Sue Carlson, the owner of both Coastal Cottages AMI and An Island Place Realty. I began coming to Anna Maria Island years ago to visit my parents who started renting winter getaway homes in Anna Maria before and after retirement.  I remember my first time coming here, when my mother waved me down off of North Shore Drive, to direct me to their house on Jacaranda.  That was back when there were no houses on Bean Pointe.

Luckily, I came here earlier than later, after taking groups all over the world and finding the grass wasn't always greener on the other side of the fence.  I found tranquility in settling in on this quiet island, which seemed so far away, yet was conveniently close to civilization.  At first, it was just to escape northern Michigan winters, but, once here, I began to invest in real estate and discovered that I rented my own properties more than the the rental agency I hired.  Hence, the beginning of "Anna Maria Island Accommodations," the flip flop company.
Six years later, I sold Anna Maria Island Accommodations to Susan and Mike Brinson and concentrated solely on sales.  Now, five years later, I have found that vacation rentals are still in my blood (I still manage four of my own properties here on the island), and I have found it hard to separate sales and rentals, as people I sell to always ask me to manage their properties for them!  Hence, the beginning of Coastal Cottages AMI!

We have two new offices open at 9908 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria, one for real estate and one for vacation rentals.  With a great staff:  Kellee, Ellie, Gina, and Sue (along with Fritz, the dog!), we strive to make people's vacations on Anna Maria Island the best ever!

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